Easter greetings

Apr 04, 2021Heike Felber

Good morning my dear,

it's been quiet lately, which doesn't mean there hasn't been any work done in the workshop.

First of all, I wish you a happy Easter and hope you can enjoy the time despite everything and take the best out of yourself.

New design

You can already see it from the colors and the font of the newsletter, I have adjusted my design. The entire homepage has this color look, new business cards have been printed. That takes time and muse.

word collection

Every Sunday you will find a new, beautiful, rare, funny, quirky word on my site. In the Word Collection section, you can see all of them. These terms are for use. Our German language is so versatile. Let almost forgotten words flow into your texts.

new home for my products

A little over a month ago, I had the idea that I could look around for an old cupboard or showcase and then restore it.

No sooner said than done and thanks to a dear friend, I quickly found my treasure in the Brockenhaus in Frauenfeld.

As you probably know from your own experience, such companies are in the head, implemented faster than it is in reality.

First there was the color. What should it look like in the end? How do I work on such a used piece of furniture?

First of all, the closet needed a thorough cleaning to get the old dirt off. I was busy for a few hours, everything had to dry again and I was therefore forced to take a break.

Next step, the wood insulation, because the wood bleeds and later yellow stains are not visible in the new coat.

I chose Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. She is a British artist and her collection has been around since 1990 and is constantly being added to. Your palette can be mixed with each other. My decision, the Old White and Provence.

Despite all the work, I'm thrilled and look forward to showing you the result soon.

What do I use this cabinet for? This will be the new home for my handmade products, in this piece of furniture every notebook, exercise book and card will find its place.

New paper creations

New works on paper have been created. I've been tinkering, prototyping, and it's almost time to show you. So much in advance. There are two sizes, in hand-bound notebooks. Both Swiss brochures with a "French Link Stitch" binding.

The smaller one, with the matching gift box measuring 7.5x12.5 cm, is made of cardboard, colored bookbinding thread and paper.

The larger of the two has the format 16x16 cm and the envelope is made of vegan leather with an elastic band closure.

Finally, I would like to share with you a bright spot from Anitya to Hang Lien.

See you soon and best regards, Heike

Metta Meditation - Saturday morning

Dear friend

As a little ray of hope in the Corona period, I invite you to the Metta Bhavana Meditation.

Metta Bhavana is one of the traditional Buddhist meditations.
Through them we can connect with ourselves and with the world. We give love to ourselves as we give love to others. We cultivate an attitude of kindness and benevolence towards all sentient beings. In doing so, we are planting and growing a seed of compassion and loving-kindness.

For this seed to thrive and grow, it takes repetitive practice. That's why I'm now offering a Zoom-Metta meditation, every Saturday morning from 7:30 to 8:00 am.

I would be happy to have you with me. The access data for Zoom meditations are:

Meeting ID: 789 2244 6911
Identification code: p9ySdM

You are welcome to forward this information if you wish.

If you appreciate my work and would like to support me in it, then a small contribution of CHF 5.00 each to cover the expenses is very welcome. Or just be there and participate, whatever feels right for you.

Per Twint
Or IBAN: CH88 0900 0000 8752 6322 1
to Hang Lien,
Haldenrain 6, 8909 Zwillikon, Mobile: 079 615 51 09

I greet you warmly and hope to see you soon...

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