Washi tape

Washi tape is a decorative adhesive tape made from rice paper. It originally comes from Japan and has established itself worldwide as a versatile craft material. Washi tape is used for a variety of creative purposes including

To wrap gifts: Washi tape is often used to beautifully wrap gifts. It can be used as a complement to wrapping paper or as an alternative to decorating gifts.

Card design: Crafters use washi tape to create handmade greeting cards and invitations. The tape can be used for decorative borders, patterns or lettering.

Scrapbooking: Washi tape is very popular with scrapbookers because it can be used to creatively frame photos and memorabilia. It is also used to decorate scrapbook pages.

Hobby projects: It can be used for a variety of hobby projects such as: B. for decorating notebooks, photo albums, cork boards, bookmarks and much more.

Organization: Washi tape can be used for labeling, marking and organizing. For example, to label folders or decorate calendar pages.

Home decoration: The tape can also be used for temporary decoration of walls, furniture or other surfaces, as it can usually be removed without leaving any residue.

Art projects: Artists use washi tape in their artwork to add texture, color and pattern.

Packaging: In some cases, washi tape is also used to seal products and packaging, particularly in arts and crafts.

Our washi tape is made from compostable rice paper and with soy-based ink printed.

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