Nicht verpassen - der virtuelle Markt

Don't miss - the virtual market

Oct 24, 2020Heike Felber

Well, actually I would drive my packed car in the direction of Erlenbach, full of anticipation, to the FormScenery. The exhibition of design and handicrafts.

You can guess, I won't participate

All other arts and crafts markets have long been canceled and so there remains a market-free autumn/winter, which actually means a market-free year.

At our writing seminar "Mindful Writing" in August, I was allowed to set up a market stall. What a beautiful experience. Thank you very much, Michele!

Then there was the market in "Frau Gerolds Garten" in Zurich and that was it, instead of the planned eight.

I miss the encounters with the exhibition visitors, the nice conversations with the other artists.

What to do if we can't meet in the real market? Then we'll do a virtual one!

I set up a market stall in my workshop and picked out five dates on which you can visit me virtually.

You can find the dates for the markets here.

We can chat with each other. I'm happy to show you what interests you and you can ask questions about it or just listen to other questions.

There is a story about the products, I tell them how they came about and where the fabrics come from, and each time I present a piece of jewelry from my collection. Just like a market goes back and forth.

You are welcome to share this blog or newsletter. The date in the event calendar can be sent by email or shared.

I would be very happy if you could drop in on one of the market dates and we could see and/or hear each other that way.

Sincerely Heike

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  • Liebe Heike, sehr schön geschrieben!
    Mir fehlen die Märkte auch…..
    Alles Gute und viel Erfolg

    Daniela Sorice

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