Warum sollten wir von Hand schreiben?

Why should we write by hand?

Oct 07, 2023Heike Felber

Despite the increasing use of digital means of communication, writing by hand still has many advantages and can be useful for various reasons:

Creative Expression: Writing by hand allows one to express creative thoughts and ideas in a more personal way. The choice of pen, writing style and handwriting contribute to the uniqueness of each handwritten message.

Memory and Learning: Handwriting can help you retain and understand information better. Studies have shown that writing by hand can help with learning and remembering because it creates a closer connection between the hands and the brain.

Focused Thinking: When you write by hand, you have to concentrate more on the process, which can lead to more intense engagement with what you're writing and better concentration on the content.

Personal touch: Handwritten notes, letters and cards have a personal touch and are perceived as more meaningful than digital messages. They can express special feelings and emotions.

Relaxation and mindfulness: Writing by hand can be calming and serve as a form of mindfulness. It can relieve stress and help calm the mind.

Artistic expression: Artists and creative people use drawing and writing by hand as a means of artistic development. Handwriting can play an important role in works of art and graphics.

Flexibility: Writing by hand is possible anywhere and requires no special technology or power supply. It is a reliable way to take notes, capture ideas and convey information, regardless of the availability of digital devices.

Although digital means of communication undoubtedly have their advantages, we should not neglect writing by hand because it is a valuable skill that can have many positive effects on our creativity, our memory and our personal relationship with information and people.

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