Christmas magic

Dec 04, 2020Heike Felber

They are there, all the pretty Christmas cards have found their way into the shop.

This beautiful Christmas card was finished with handmade paper.

The handmade paper really makes the watercolor colors shine

This card is available in 15 x15 cm format

The colors literally exploded on this card. Here I worked with a special pigment powder and so no two cards are the same, since different images are created depending on the volume of water and the course of the pigment

This card is available in 15 x15 cm format .

Small sweet triangular packaging are now available in many different subjects in the shop.

With Christmas motifs, but also with subjects for weddings or births, for different occasions.

You can give a different kind of greeting, write text on paper, roll it and put it in the box. It has space for small, beautiful things, be it jewellery, small chocolates, cookies and much more.

Maybe you've already seen it.
You would like to give someone something, but you are not sure about the subject selection?

Then you now have the opportunity to send gift vouchers.

different amounts

from Fri 10.00 - 100.00 are available.

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