Autumn milk

Sep 17, 2023Heike Felber

In the book "Beautiful Words" by Lenny Löwenstern it says that autumn milk used to be a soup. Unfortunately there is no further information about this.

The term “autumn milk” comes from the German-speaking world and refers to the milk production of cows in autumn. In the fall, as days become shorter and temperatures drop, feeding conditions for cows change as grass growth slows. This can affect the quantity and quality of milk produced.

The term "fall milk" is often used to indicate that milk production typically decreases in the fall because cows have less fresh grass available and rely instead on hay and silage. The milk may therefore have a slightly different taste or composition than in spring or summer when the cows eat fresh grass.

In some regions, the term "autumn milk" is also used for milk collected and processed during this season. This can refer to various dairy products such as cheese or butter, which are made from milk obtained in the fall.

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