gym bag forgetter

Sep 12, 2021Heike Felber

Gym bag forgetter, well, hardly anything was as bad as that: while the other children were allowed to play Völker or Brennball or gymnastics around on archaic devices, one had to sit on the bench with a long face. He didn't have his gym clothes with him. The bad reputation of the gym bag forgetter was quickly sealed. Because T. also likes to dream with his mouth open in class, i.e. "sitting behind the pillar", as some teachers like to put it in classrooms that are completely pillar-free, they are not to be trusted. T. also wear glasses and lose their braces, so they are mostly sympathetic but pitiable creatures. They constantly have to endure admonitions: If you always forget your gym bag as a child, then as an adult you will also sleep through your own wedding, the job interview and the application for support. This is drummed into those who forget their gym bags at an early stage.

Later they have only the alternative between a Buddhist monastery (rather unusual) and an artistic or humanities degree (very common). Then they forget their notebooks and miss exams. In the seminars, they muse open-mouthed about what they were always called back then. Something like gym bag, but they forgot about it again. It doesn't matter, because the gym bag is now just as extinct as the satchel.

Source: Lexicon of Endangered Words | Bodo Mrozek

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