by Ramona Wesselow - My great-great-grandmother wrote on September 10, 1874

Sep 05, 2021Heike Felber

"O na hoku no na kiu ka lani" (The stars are the spies of the sky).

The Kamehameha dynasty ends. The world is changing and the shadows are getting longer.

I dreamed the life of a modern woman. And now I'm dying the happy death of a Hawaiian. Unfortunately, my will was not enough to fly over generations. The heartfelt thought carries me that one day a worthy successor will be born in our family. One that blends old Hawaii with the new. Caught in the wake of Kilauea and endowed with the boldness of modernity. Fighting in other locations and with the power of lava blood.

She will know that life is everything. Every plant, every animal, every heartbeat can be the center and ether of something greater.

Only she is able to sing a ladder to the stars and dance on the waves. She can build wheels under the night and be the breath of the Pacific. With supporting depth and symphonic foresight. Your voice will give the ocean a human cascade. I think her name will be Moana...

In the twilight, Tani stood belly-deep in the water of her ancestors. Her little warrior craved it. Unlike other pregnant women, Tani did not have a craving for certain foods. Almost every day, the Little Fighter kicked the woman's hips in her stomach, until Tani gave up and went into the sea with her. Only in the ocean did she calm down. As if the sea gave her the vital nutrients and the extension of her umbilical cord was...

The lines from her great-great-grandmother's diary, found in the antique pram this morning, persist in the moonshine and Tani's thought spaces. Keanu and she have not been able to agree on the name of their goddess, who was just noticeably swimming with the first waves. If Tani hadn't known better, she thought she could hear clear laughter coming from her full abdomen. The chosen name should have meaning - like the ocean.

Suddenly, a sonorous silence fell over the moment. The moon challenged the sleeping sun to a dance. The waves ebbed away and turned the sea into parquet. Five kicks made Tani flinch in pain...

Five kicks. five letters. A Hawaiian meaning = ocean...

Tenderly she stroked her little girl»: Pssst, Moana …»

Written by: Ramona Weselow


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