workshop whispers

Fokussiertes Denken
Nov 05, 2023
Focused thinking refers to the mental ability to focus attention and concentration on a specific task, information, or problem. It is a conscious mental process that minimizes distractions to work more efficiently and effectively. Concentrated thinking can be applied in different areas of life, be it at school, at work or in everyday life.
Gedächtnis und Lernen beim Schreiben
Oct 29, 2023
Memory and learning play an important role in writing, affecting the ability to develop ideas, organize information, and write effective texts. Here are some important aspects to keep in mind when writing regarding memory and learning:
Herbstgarten Kollektion Canvasstoff mit Notizbüchern
Oct 21, 2023
It is a unique moment when you see the first fabric you designed yourself spread out in front of you in all its glory. But what happens next? Every piece of fabric that is processed in my workshop is first washed in an environmentally friendly way and then dried in the fresh air. After this step, the ironing takes place and then you can get started.
Kreativer Ausdruck beim Schreiben
Oct 15, 2023
Tone and rhythm: Pay attention to the tone of your sentences. Experiment with different sentence structures and rhythms to make your text more fluid and enjoyable. Develop observation skills: Observe the world around you closely. Small details and observations can add authenticity and depth to your writing.
Warum sollten wir von Hand schreiben?
Oct 07, 2023
Despite the increasing use of digital means of communication, writing by hand still has many advantages and can be useful for various reasons:...
Von der Idee zum eigenen Canvas - der eigenen Kollektion Herbstgarten
Sep 16, 2023
Soft strokes on paper could be heard. Dipping the brush into the glass of water, gently wiping it off on the kitchen paper and stirring the watercolor in the bowl. Picking up paint, splashing water, dabbing, rubbing brush over paper. A recurring rhythm. Cardboard is cut, the ratcheting of the blade of the cutting machine can be clearly heard with every lever pull down. Cardboard box is laid out, always three parts a front, back and back part. Adhesive tape peeled off to connect the sections. Every move is noticed.