Die Harmonie des Notizheftes

The harmony of the notebook

Oct 11, 2020Heike Felber

When you think that such a notebook is made quickly, cut the paper, fold it, stick it together, use thicker paper for the cover, poke holes in the paper, thread through and that's it?

Then you are on the wrong track.

Creating harmony is a true journey of discovery.

First I had this wonderfully designed paper from the manufactory in Germany.

But which paper do I use for the inner workings?

Once you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of paper, you will realize what a grandiose variety of paper there is, which does not make the decision any easier.

My search in the commercial stores left me more frustrated than exulted. In this case, Google was not the first choice, because how am I supposed to be able to determine the quality of the paper based on a prettied up picture?

I'm sure you feel the same way when you browse through my shop, it looks nice, but is the paper what it promises?

Then I had the brilliant idea and drove to the local printer and looked with the nice young woman for the right paper for me. That's what I thought.

We ordered a small batch so I could test if it would work for my purposes.

The delivery came, the bill too!

I was struck for twenty-six (26) francs for 100 pieces of paper. I would say bad advice or too naive not to have asked how much it costs.

Still I was a step further, it wasn't quite the shade I wanted but I had a name and now Google came into play.

I quickly found what I was looking for and my heart beat faster, I finally got closer to my goal. I applied as a dealer, got approval and ordered the sample book.

Two days later I held it in my hands and you can't imagine how happy I was to finally find what I had been looking for for so long.

It goes without saying that I won’t tell you which paper it is at this point.

I made the choice and ordered my paper. It arrived a few days later.

Now it can start!

The papers had to be cut first because they are delivered in large sheets.

Each piece of paper folded by hand, carefully so that everything is straight. Always put 10 pages together so that each notebook has 40 pages to write on at the end, regardless of the format.

Excellent, now the inner workings are ready!


And now the wonderfully designed papers by Alexandra Renke are used. Not every subject is suitable because it has to fit the format.

I carefully cut and fold each envelope.

The thread, at first glance the most inconspicuous element of the whole, but it holds everything together. Without him it would be a beautiful folded sheet of paper, but it falls apart.

Now I could take a natural colored or black thread, one of the two always fits. Really, after all that hassle, go with a simple thread?

No, because harmony is extremely important to me.

Which thread matches the color? Contrast or Harmony? It varies, I decide depending on the subject.

The binding technique, there are so many possibilities. With my notebooks it stays simple. Sometimes I tie with three, sometimes with five holes, depending on the size.

This is how my notebooks are made.

Each carefully assembled and bound by hand with lots of love.

A harmony!

A wonderful gift for you or someone special.

Sincerely, your Heike

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