Schreib es dir von der Seele, gib der Angst keine Chance!

Write it down from your soul, don't give fear a chance!

Mar 28, 2020Heike Felber
I sit well at home.
I consider myself lucky because I can carry out my full-time job very well within my own four walls.
Tuesday was big shopping, no hoarding, but so that the fridge is filled again for the next time.
This morning I had to pack my walking sticks and do a lap along the Glatt. The fresh air and the exercise did me a lot of good.
Movement is so important for the organism and the psyche!
In my small workshop, everything related to writing is created.
Writing is also very good for the soul.
Many are afraid under the given circumstances, and it catches up with me every now and then.
Fear of existential fear of losing relatives or becoming seriously ill yourself.
Fear makes you sick!
Place your thoughts!
Topics that keep you busy and keep coming up like in a hamster wheel and won't let go.
Write down what's on your mind.
You are not a great writer, no need! A few sentences or keywords are enough for the moment.
Write a positive sentence every day.
This morning when I got up the sun was shining and the birds were singing, it gave me a calming feeling.
Describe your feelings.
These little companions were created in my workshop a long time ago, but without decoration. Now, I have decorated them with an angel, wing or heart.
An ideal gift for someone you want to support or want to say thank you.
A gift for yourself, do something good for yourself!
You can't do something great every day, but you can do something good.
(Friedrich Schleiermacher)
From my own experience, I know that it is good and can be very helpful.
Kind regards and stay healthy!

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