Von der Idee zum eigenen Canvas - der eigenen Kollektion Herbstgarten

From the idea to your own canvas

Sep 16, 2023Heike Felber

Soft strokes on paper could be heard. Dipping the brush into the glass of water, gently wiping it off on the kitchen paper and stirring the watercolor in the bowl. Picking up paint, splashing water, dabbing, rubbing brush over paper. A recurring rhythm.

Cardboard is cut, the ratcheting of the blade of the cutting machine can be clearly heard every time the lever is pulled down. Cardboard box is laid out, always three parts a front, back and back part. Adhesive tape peeled off to connect the sections. Every move is noticed.

It's so quiet in the workshop. No babble.

Two women relaxed and engrossed in their work. It's rare that they sit together like this. You enjoy it. You would do it more often, but life situations don't allow it. The younger of the two lives and works in Manchester and is there on a longer visit.

"Mam, I could design a fabric for you," said Julia into the silence, who studied visual communication at the ZHdK in Zurich. I looked at my daughter with sparkling eyes and was touched by this wonderful idea.

Creating my own fabric and thus a collection exceeded my wildest dreams at that moment. "Oh, what a lovely idea," I blurted out.

The calm was over immediately. A joyful, excited thought about which direction the design should go, as well as colors, patterns, many things bubbled out of them.

The foundation stone was laid, the type of design and the color concept were soon established. Julia took the IPad in her hand, drew, pushed colors back and forth on the tablet, corrected and after a few days, the baby was born.

The moment had come to dare to print on paper. Colors on screen are not the same as colors on paper. Oh yes... print setting, paper selection, profile selection and much more affects the print. After a few prints and considerations, we were satisfied.

It is done! We order our fabric sample. When the first samples arrived Julia was back home in the UK so I sent the fabric to Manchester so we both had the original in our hands for the next steps.

We were not satisfied, something was missing. A small adjustment, order a new pattern and now it fits.

We are happy and the big moment has come when the definitive material goes into production. We are excited, the canvas is on the way

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