Mar 21, 2021Heike Felber

A faint feeling, you feel slightly dizzy

"You're a little too flowery for me, you really have to let the wind blow in your face first."

Ilse Frapan: Wings up! Novellae 1895

Source: Beautiful Words Vol. 2 | Lenny Lionstar


And just because the book doesn't end like other works of its kind - no, it doesn't end like that at all. But very flowery.

Kurt Tucholski: "The Mystery of the Yellow Room"

Whoever formed this onomatopoeia from the French "bleu mourant": congratulations! There is no nicer description for a pleasant confusion or feeling unwell, which at times also heralds impending doom. In 2007, a prominent selection committee placed "blümerant" in second place behind "Kleinod" for the most beautiful endangered German word. So let's do something to keep the word alive: let's use it!

Source: Encyclopedia of Beautiful Words | Roland Kaehlbrandt and Walter Kramer

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