Colorplan envelope 155x155

Format: 155x155mm
Weight (g/sqm): 135
Color: see when selecting
Surface: frosted
Window: without windows

The story of Colorplan began in the 1930s and 40s in Great Britain, a time of great change and new inventions. From day one, the breadth and depth of the paper range, previously unknown, changed the landscape of printed communication. The innovative Colorplan range became the working basis of designers and advertising professionals. The range has continuously developed and now more than ever meets the needs of modern creatives. Colorplan was created in a time of change and is still an icon and an indispensable part of the design world today. With Colorplan, GF Smith created a revolutionary new standard that remains unsurpassed to this day.


Responsible use of the environment and natural resources is an increasingly important criterion when selecting products. Colorplan has the globally recognized FSC® certification. This confirms that all paper raw materials used for Colorplan envelopes come from responsibly managed forests.

SFr. 1.20