ArtJournal - Retro Telephone

The handmade travel and ART journal is a versatile and creative medium for recording ideas, travel reports and thought games. Since it fits into standard felt folders and sleeves, it is also practical and easy to transport.

The high-quality paper offers you the opportunity to design your diary using different techniques and materials. Here are some ideas on how you can use it:

Drawings and sketches: The high-quality paper allows you to draw with pencils, colored pencils, pastels or ink. You could make sketches of landscapes, buildings, people, or other subjects that you want to capture on your travels or in your thoughts.

Watercolor painting: If the paper is of good quality, you can also use watercolor paints. Experiment with different gradients, techniques and blends to create colorful and vibrant images.

Collages: Use the journal to create collages. You can glue photos, newspaper clippings, tickets, or other memorabilia onto the pages and combine them with text or other decorative elements.

Writing and keeping a diary: Use the diary to record your thoughts, experiences and travel reports. Write about your impressions, feelings or inspiring encounters. You can also include quotes, poems, or song lyrics that resonate with you.

Mixed media techniques: Use the journal to combine different materials and techniques. Add stamps, stickers, washi tape, fabric scraps, dried flowers, or other elements to create texture and visual interest.

Remember that Travel and ARTjournal is a place for your creative expression where there are no rules. Let your creativity run wild, experiment with different techniques and materials and make the journal a unique expression of your travel experiences and thoughts.

Finest paper in the format 11 x 21 cm including 24 pages - drawing paper 120g, matt, natural white

SFr. 9.90