handmade clipboard A5

This cool clipboard here is perfect for your A5 notepads or notebooks and you can easily hang it on the wall. This thing not only saves space on your desk, but also ensures that your documents are always within reach and don't end up in chaos.

With the special clamping device, your A5 notepad or notebook stays securely in place without damaging the pages. This means: everything stays tidy and you can quickly access important information without having to search.

The clipboard's sturdy construction ensures that it will last a long time, and the slim design ensures that it will look good anywhere. Whether in the office, in the workshop or at home - this clipboard is the stylish solution to organize your A6 notes.

Wall mounting also saves even more space and gives your workplace a tidy look. Use this smart storage option to work more efficiently and really pimp up your workspace!

I would therefore like to point out that possible deviations from the original colors of the goods are possible due to the different settings of the screen.

Key Features Clipboard:

  • 16x23cm | 3mm thick
  • Powercraft 3.0mm
  • Bracket along the top edge
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland

Delivery without decorative material

SFr. 7.90