Karst - Woodless Artist Pencil

Just a pencil without the wood. Tree-free and with 5 times more pigments.

Simple - functional - beautiful

A pencil no longer encased in its traditional wooden holder, releasing five times more pigment. That means five times more drawing, sketching and less sharpening. Prepare for longer periods of uninterrupted creativity with a matte finish that keeps your hands clean. Crafted without a wooden barrel, our Artist Pencils have a full-lead body that offers five times more usable pigment and material than any traditional pencil. With a wide range of colors, they bring liveliness and life to your drawings. Specially designed for use with karst paper, but suitable for all types of paper.

Completely friction free. Because our stone paper has no grain and our pens are the ideal hardness for our journals and pads, the karst pens glide easily across the sheet, allowing for effortless, cramp-free shading.

24 colors

2in1 display & storage box

SFr. 66.00