Folder with clipboard & tombow pens spring meadow

The external appearance is deceptive at first glance, as it looks like an ordinary folder from the outside. However, upon closer inspection, his true nature is revealed. Inside the supposed folder there is a cleverly designed clipboard, which is also equipped with an integrated pen holder. This combination of external familiarity and internal versatility gives it remarkable practicality, making it an extremely useful companion for well-organized everyday work.

The envelope is covered with robust decorative fabric and the contents can be filled individually.

Loose sheets of paper up to A5 or notepads can be filled thanks to the flexible clamping device.

No guarantee can be given as to the color accuracy of the illustration.

I would therefore like to point out that possible deviations from the original colors of the goods are possible due to the different settings of the screen.

Key features folder with clipboard:

  • External dimensions: approx. 23x17 cm
  • Thickness: approx. 1.5 cm
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland

Key features of Tombow pens:

  • 5 pens + 1 blender
  • 2 tips
  • for maximum creativity
  • Water-based colors are mixable and water-soluble
  • High-quality, elastic nylon tip remains dimensionally stable
  • works up to 21 days without a cap
  • suitable for hand lettering, for coloring, I always use the wide tip as a marker

Main features of paper:

  • A5 | 120gr
  • finest writing and drawing paper
  • the Tombow pens do not bleed through
      Fabric-covered clipboard as a folder 23x17 cm - Spring meadow (style)
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