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A travel journal is a diary or a type of record that is kept by travelers to record their experiences, impressions and adventures during their travels. It serves as a personal review and memory of the places visited, the people you met, the activities you did and the feelings you had during the trip.

This journal can be designed in different ways. It can be a simple written record in which the traveler records his thoughts and observations. But it can also contain a mix of text, sketches, drawings, photos, tickets, maps and other memorabilia to visually represent the travel experience.

A travel journal is often a personal document that is used to keep travel memories alive and tell other people about the experiences. It can also serve as a source of inspiration for future trips or as a gift to friends and family to share in the traveler's adventures.

This handmade travel and ART journal fits into my handmade canvas cases as well as commercially available cases.

With this high-quality paper there are no limits to your creativity.

You can find the matching covers for my travel, ARTjournal's, sketch and writing notebooks here.

Lessebo paper in the format 11 x 21 cm including 40 pages - The 100g paper has a smooth surface and is natural white

A special feature of Lessebo paper is its environmental friendliness. The paper is obtained from sustainably managed forests and often contains a high proportion of recycled paper. In addition, no harmful chemicals are used in the production of the paper.

SFr. 9.90