STABILO Swing Cool highlighter 1-4mm 275/194-8 silk gray

The trendy colors of the STABILO® swing® cool pastel edition are a real eye-catcher. The delicate pastel tones are a perfect complement to the bright neon colors. Of course, you don't just have to use the highlighter to mark text - you can also use it to express your artistic side and let your creativity run wild. With the two different line widths of the chisel tip of the marker, you can mark (4mm) or underline (1mm).

  • Patented STABILO® Anti-Dry-Out technology: 4 hours of dry-out protection for concentrated work
  • Water-based ink, lightfast
  • Barrel color: in writing color
  • Non-slip, matt grip zone
  • Slim bag model with clip – perfect for on the go
  • ventilated cap - can be attached to the end of the pen
  • 0 line widths: 1 + 4 mm
    SFr. 1.95