TOMBOW Dual Brush Pen ABT | Colors to match the Spring Meadow collection

Watercolorable fiber pen with two tips. The fine tip (line width 0.8 mm) is used wherever precise lines are required; the second tip (line width 0.8 mm - 3.3 mm) is wide and flexible like a brush. Made on a water basis: the different colors can be mixed together and can be watercolored with wonderful color gradients. Perfect for card making, motif stamping, sketching, comic drawing, illustrating and much more. The colors are acid-free, odorless and not lightfast.

  • 2 tips
  • for maximum creativity
  • Water-based colors are mixable and water-soluble
  • High-quality, elastic nylon tip remains dimensionally stable
  • works up to 21 days without a cap
    SFr. 6.30