Plain paper cream white 15 x 30 cm - 240 g.

I use this paper in my workshop for binding notebooks , you can draw on it and use it as sketchbook paper.

This sales unit contains 10 sheets to bind your own 15x15 cm square notebook.

Information about the paper:

My house paper has a matt and slightly rough structure, which makes it feel strong. It is suitable for any design with text or drawings and gives your projects character.

Cradle to Cradle consistent circular economy
Translated, Cradle to Cradle (C2C) means "from cradle to cradle", i.e. "from origin to origin".

Products should be developed in such a way that they don't end up as waste, but rather something new can emerge from them. Either they are biodegradable and decompose on the compost heap to become "new" soil, or the ingredients can be completely reused. Every material that has been used thus becomes the raw material for new products.

My house brand is one of the paper manufacturers with the lowest CO2 emissions in the world. To offset emissions, they invest in local forests that absorb carbon dioxide. In fact, these forests absorb more CO2 than we emit.

22 kg CO2 emissions per ton of paper sets standards. We think it's important to do something for the environment. That is why we are compensating for the low emissions here in Switzerland with a sensible project.

** Outside dimensions 15 x 30 cm | 10 sheets | 240gr paper

SFr. 3.00