by Annina Manser - My great-great-grandmother wrote on September 10, 1874

Sep 05, 2021Heike Felber

Dear Diary

It was really close this morning. Dad almost caught me and God only knows what would have happened then. Luckily I had a good excuse.
If Peter or Martin are caught at a seich, father takes out his belt after supper. Rosalie, my best friend, said dad wouldn't do that to me. The belt would give wild welts and father would certainly want to marry me clean and flawless. Father didn't catch me well today.
But I think mother suspects something. At lunchtime she gave me such a strange look. While we were praying, our eyes met and her eyes seemed to want to tell me something. Rosalie said I was imagining it. It was just the excitement from the morning because it was so close. Rosalie always knows everything. That is sometimes exhausting.

I got up earlier to watch Reto at work. Like every morning since he worked for us, I crept very quietly into the stable and hid on the haystack. Nobody has seen me until now.
When Reto milks our cows, he never wears a Leibli and I love looking at his back. He is very nice with the cows. He gently strokes their fur and talks to them. Unfortunately I don't understand him because he speaks so softly. Does he do the same thing with the girls he tells his friends about? Last week I had to get father's cigarettes. Then I saw Reto drinking beer with some boys. He nodded to me but said nothing. I couldn't say anything either. I was way too excited for that. I probably blushed like the tomatoes in our garden.

When I then waited for the landlord, who got me the cigarettes from behind, Reto bragged to the others. "Marlis kisses so well, even my knees go weak."
Actually, I didn't want to hear that at all. Marlis is at the same school as Rosalie and I and now I always have to think about her kissing Reto. I don't like this picture.

But back to this morning. Father came into the stable just as I was brushing the last bouquet off my dress. I could see in dad's eyes that he was surprised to see me in the barn so early. I quickly explained to him that our Tigerli had only just turned juvenile and I just wanted to check on the little ones.
Father then immediately shooed me to Mother in the kitchen. I'm supposed to help with breakfast if you please. So I don't think he knows why I was actually in the stable. But starting tomorrow I'll have to be even more careful. I want to continue watching Reto at the servant. At least that. I don't dare talk to him.

Written by Annina Manser


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