Etui‘s für deine liebsten Dinge | verschiedene Notizblöcke

Cases for your favorite things | different notepads

Dec 13, 2020Heike Felber

Good morning my loves

I wish you a nice 3rd Advent.

I'm sitting here in the Zurich Unterland, the weather has been showing itself in the great variety of its gray tones for what feels like an eternity. What goes with this grey? A bad cold, as if the two had agreed. Luckily it wears off and I can devote myself to the colors of life again.

Because when I look at my fabric shelf, it becomes colorful and it's fun to sew a few cases for your favorite things again.

It's always the case for me, I don't just take a fabric and start sewing, I let myself be inspired and see which fabric appeals to me the most. Then I check the zippers I have in stock.

Which color goes best with the outer fabric?

The inner lining is waxed linen, this is of high quality and is available in 26 colours. So every case is different. Whenever possible, I don't use the same zipper or the same inner lining.

The finished pencil case can be washed at 30° and air dried.

The cases are very roomy. Approx. 60 Chameleon pens fit in the format shown.

The way to the case goes along here .

Don't know what Chameleon pens are?

Then let’s go, it will be explained to you here.

In addition to the Caran d'ache ballpoint pens and the Chameleon pens, a series of Emott-Finliners has also been added to the shop.

Incredibly great colors, these are available in different color sets and coordinate beautifully with each other.

I love writing with it, so I've included it in the shop.

I have now told you a bit about cases and pens, but you also need material on which to use all these beautiful writing instruments.

Eg this large notepad with an outside format of 20x20 cm

Sheet format 19x19 cm

all sheets are perforated and can be reordered.

or the little sister

External format 16x16 cm

Sheet format 15x15 cm

all sheets are perforated and can be reordered.

Notebooks in different sizes and formats.

or the many hand-bound notebooks that come in different formats.

and last but not least, the slightly different agenda for 2021

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the pink button on the lower right side of the shop. I am also happy to receive comments, remarks and suggestions.

Kind regards, Heike

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