Weihnachtliche Grüsse

Merry Christmas

Dec 22, 2020Heike Felber

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Without your support and trust, it would have been a very difficult year.

The start of 2020 was difficult for me as I was still dealing with the aftermath of my fall at the end of November. The vertigo and the pain didn't want to set in. That means that in 2019 I was no longer able to take part in a Christmas market.

By the end of February I was slowly recovering and looking forward to a great year with exciting markets.

At the same time, I had already thought about converting my current Etsy shop into my own shop, since Etsy is not very well known in Switzerland. The idea was never just to sell my products online, rather as a supplement. I really enjoy going to the markets, I enjoy the contact and the conversations with the visitors. That was the most important thing for me right from the start.

As it has now turned out, the switch to your own shop was a very good decision.

Due to the lockdown in spring, I fell into a creative state of shock, while a lot of people suddenly rediscovered their creativity, nothing worked for me anymore. It was my full-time job, so there wasn't much room for anything else.

Early summer came and it got better, so that I could recover, but the euphoria to create something for markets didn't materialize.

It wasn't until July that I felt the urge to be productive again and then it worked, the ideas came back.


The right paper was a problem for a long time and now I had finally found it. That was the foundation for everything else.

Without the paper, the pretty notebooks, the two notepad formats and certainly not the calendar would have been created.

I was never able to present the calendar I developed to anyone personally, and yet it was bought.

My daughter, who lives in Manchester and studied visual communication, was a great help in reviewing the calendar. InDesign has a new wonderful feature so no more sending documents back and forth and it worked perfectly. Many thanks to you in England.

November was a sporty month and I was overwhelmed by the many orders and production was in full swing.

A big thank you.

You are great, thank you so much for shopping with me.

The last orders before Christmas are on their way to their new home.

A small preview of the year 2021

  • The calendar will also be available for 2022
  • Notebooks in various formats
  • Notebooks, in different formats
  • Notepads, in different formats
  • A new series of cards

I won't tell you more just yet, stay curious!

I already have commitments for markets and I'm really happy when they can take place under good conditions.

For now there is a little breather.

You are welcome to browse and order in the shop, I will ship and produce again from January 4th, 2021 .

I wish you and your loved ones, despite all the adverse circumstances, a peaceful and contemplative Christmas and a healthy start to 2021 with the hope that we will see light in the tunnel and that we can hug our loved ones again.

Christmas greetings, Heike

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