lost in time

Mar 07, 2021Heike Felber

But I didn't suffer at home, I wandered around the citadel, lost in time, throwing myself down on the ramparts here and there, exhausted, and brooding. Ferdinand von Saar: "Novellas from Austria"

Lovers are forgotten in time, but so are those in despair, like the hero in the novel by Ferdinand von Saar. We are oblivious of time in conversations when the flow of thoughts carries us away. The word invented for this is unusual in its composition, similar to "drowsy" - a poetic creation, appropriate to the moments it depicts. When we look into a friend's children's room, quietly, without being noticed by the playing children, our own and strangers, who naturally find each other in the game: four children, a piece of paper, a couple of pens, colored paper. Each of the children immersed in their game, sometimes alone, sometimes with another child. cowering. lying, sitting, painting, building, then dreaming again. What day, what hour, whether in the evening or in the morning - the children don't notice. You play lost in time and win a moment of eternity.

Source: Encyclopedia of Beautiful Words | Roland Kaehlbrandt and Walter Kramer

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